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August 15, 2018


Let’s face it.  If given the opportunity, your kids gravitate toward the most unhealthy food choices possible.  Let’s look at some healthy choices that can help parents and please kids.


NACHOS Commercial tortilla chips are loaded with salt and preservatives.  Make your own with whole wheat tortillas. Cut them into wedges and bake them at 350 degrees for 6 minutes till crisp.  Add shredded cheese, olives, sour cream or greek yogurt and mild salsa for a much healthier and yummy alternative! For more irresistible fun cut them into shapes using cookie cutters before baking. Fun and Yummy!


PIZZA Nothing compares to the gooey deliciousness of pizza.  There’s something about the stringy cheese and robust tomato flavors.  A favorite of kids everywhere, pizza can be a healthy, affordable, portable option for families on the go. There are so many amazing alternatives! 

- Pizza pinwheels use rolled up whole wheat tortillas, low fat skim mozzarella, pizza sauce and baked chicken.  I even slip spinach into mine and the kids love it! 

- Also consider feta cheese with zesty sauce on whole wheat bagel halves. Great in lunch boxes, too!


POTATO CHIPS While its easiest to just pop open a bag of chips, making them at home can be pretty simple as well, and so much better for you!  Slicing potatoes thinly and placing on a baking sheet with a little olive oil and cracked pepper, Mrs. Dash, or Rosemary or Garlic Salt and baking at 400 degrees for 30 minutes can yield a pretty tasty chip!  And the best part?  You can serve them warm!  So good.


CHICKEN NUGGETS My kids love chicken nuggets. Cutting your own chicken breast into bite size pieces and coating them with wheat bread and panko crumbs in a ziplock bag is so easy that my 12 year old makes them on a regular basis! 


Mix up the flavor with a little homemade taco seasoning, or parmesan cheese in the coating.

Bake at 375 till golden brown.


ICE CREAM Let’s jot down all the ingredients in this recipe. Ready?  Bananas.   That’s it!  Slice your banana and place in freezer for two hours.  Toss it into your food processor and you have sweet creamy banana ice cream!  Try it!



For my sons birthday- he asked for 25 boxes of fruit snacks.  He’s 14.  Nice try, Kid! I offer my kiddos frozen blueberries and raspberries instead. Freezing them takes the flavor to a whole new level!

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August 15, 2018

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